Voting Bot Payouts 29-04-2019

in #dstats4 years ago (edited)
voting botdaily STEEM per 1000 SPdaily SBD per 1000 SPdaily total earning in STEEM per 1000 SP *reference delegatorAPR in percent
@a-bot0.4610.0530.611drorion22.30 %
MB vote selling **0.1220.1490.546btshuang19.91 %
@boomerang0.3640.0640.545romangt8719.91 %
@tipu0.3350.0670.524syed8819.11 %
@therising0.3040.0590.471jaggerfinkleman17.18 %
@smartsteem0.2730.0680.465panql197916.99 %
@upmewhale0.3750.0320.465rbp316.97 %
@appreciator0.3640.0360.464freedom16.95 %
Smartsteem vote selling **0.2820.0640.463lazyman16.91 %
@rocky10.3720.0310.459freedom16.74 %
@upmyvote0.3080.0510.453shitcoiner16.53 %
@brandonfrye0.2240.0760.438deviling15.99 %
@oceanwhale0.2890.0490.427selfvotejustice15.57 %
@buildawhale0.2910.0470.425supermalf15.52 %
@jerrybanfield0.2820.0490.422rfiser5115.39 %
@booster0.2560.0570.418bif15.25 %
@postpromoter0.2690.0500.410zoom14.95 %
@alfanso0.2900.0410.407actnearn14.85 %
@brupvoter0.3230.0290.407drslump14.84 %
@joeparys0.2150.0520.364christymonty13.28 %
@profitvote0.1350.0810.363kabulovt13.25 %
@promobot0.2520.0380.359smooth-e13.11 %
@sneaky-ninja0.0000.1270.359honeybeee13.09 %
@minnowbooster0.0000.1230.349blockmaster201312.75 %
@bdvoter0.2500.0300.335freedom12.23 %
@spydo0.1840.0290.265greekgodx9.66 %
@inciter0.0380.0020.044gringalicious1.61 %

It is also worth taking a look at MB market delegations and delegationhub

Some bot is missing? Some payouts are totally wrong? Write me, please!

*Exchange rate STEEM/SBD for 'daily total earning': 0.353
** curation rewards already added to daily STEEM
The reference delegator is used to determine the payout and APR. The source of the report is an average of the last 28 days.
This report was generated automatically. The accuracy of the data has not been verified. This only serves as a first aid to decision-making. Delegate on your own responsibility.


testing out @a-bot w/ 100 SP Delegation 1st time delegating will blog results.