Adam Kokesh Arrested During FREEDOM! #BookBomb Promotions in New Orleans

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Haha, I dunno Mr Adam. In a free society you'd still have to obey the rules of the road, right?

You're essentially trolling their enforcement mechanism. (That they want to figure out who everyone is, and put you in handcuffs if you don't make it easy. Rather than a peaceful mechanism like each illegally parked car gets docked a small fine.)


Did you actually get arrested, or just detained and then gave your identity when the camera was off?

As is tradition.

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I hope you aren't expecting to much sympathy considering you obviously were drinking, your buddies may have been to, plus stopped along a busy highway spray painting graffiti on the know there's a limit to freedom. I was surprised you didn't tell them you were running for president..

He was using a pressure washer and cleaned the marks on the wall. It's not illegal at all.
They weren't drinking.
They were pulled so safely to the side that the police made no haste to move them.

I've watched many of his videos, if he was't drinking then he was stoned on something.

Maybe you missed the word Freedom! on the highway wall.

No, I actually helped come up with the concept. Instead of using chalk, you clean. They cleaned those letters into the wall
FREEDOM! is the name of his book that he's giving out to every residential mailbox in the city. It's called a bookbomb

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I know, I am fully aware of the endeavor. Still on the highway during heavy traffic is not the brightest idea, maybe those guys should have done it in the middle of the night.

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