End of the world or fake news??

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End of the world or fake news??

So you've all must have heard of the virus by now, well I live in Wenzhou a city which was the second most infected city other than Wuhan. I share my thoughts about whats going on and real on the ground experience and explain how its all been hyped up by the media.

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Good to hear... 😅 always thought the kill rate was a little low for all the FUD flinging

So... have you claimed your DTC Avalon chain account? Curation on DTube now operates through their own chain and if not posting too Avalon and STEEM you will be overlooked by most of the platform 😉 was a big change that happened about the time life pulled you away... if you need any help hit us up in discord.

Really good to hear from you, hope your enjoying the new year despite being ill ❤️

Yeah it’s been a while hey! Wow so much has changed! I’ve registered with dtube is that what you mean? On that account I now have zero subscribers 😭😭 yeah any help would be great thanks. I’ll post in the one love discord also

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