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With the new year and everyone trying to be healthy and trying to not get sick, I am sharing this Superfood Ginger Wellness Shot (there isn't any alcohol in it). I want to say that you can customize it by adding more or less of these ingredients. I was inspired to make my own wellness drink/ginger shot after visiting Hawaii last year with my family and being served this on the roadside of a fruit stand by an awesome hippie that had a bunch of homemade healthy stuff he was selling, he let us sample the ginger shot alongside a bunch of other goodies and this ginger shot stuck with me and I knew I had to make it once I got back to the mainland.

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Superfood Wellness Ginger "Shot"

5 oz ginger or 3.5 oz pure ginger juice
8 lemons
½ - 1 cup honey
2 cups water

Start of by cutting and squeezing the lemons into a large pitcher that has a sieve on top to caught all the seeds. Next juice the ginger and add the ginger juice (I usually do not add the white stuff on the bottom) to the lemon juice. Add in honey and water. Give this a good stir until everything is combined. Make any adjustments to your drink. Enjoy a wellness shot!

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