Mark Passio | The Sacred Gift of Anger

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"Anger can be fuel" Mark Passio

To donate to Mark Passio for his contribution to humanity please use these addresses below:
BTC: 1JEvjzWxozRp93xfXwP4ADxbmr2msrsE7z
BCH: qppm2c6yfja0k5r3dc0epke9dnu6tvdv0c9ly5xzuq
LTC: LL74piubrTd64sPmRFtyLnEcUVS1Cj2q9c
ETH: 0x514f1E496C265ea799657434aA73Dc573bB53F04
DASH: XyGJbk95MvGaZdWhafD5JCNemtxTq2m7KE

Validate Addresses here, where you can find more of marks work.

Binary Drool

BTC: 39a7iMLS5nUgEvoZgJk67UmNqmnFMKbPFu

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