The Speed Modeling of Pylo, My First 3D Character Created all By Myself

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The Speed Modeling of Pylo, My First 3D Character Created all By Myself

Hello brothers of Steemit and Dtube, I'm very happy to explain and show you this post. I sincerely wanted to publish it some time ago, but Pylo's process had to be perfect, and before I could publish this speed modeling I had to finish it. So this is the result of many hours of conceptualizing and creating this peculiar character named Pylo that was inside of me a while. Let's go to explain the Story.

Helicobacter Pylori, although he prefers to be told Pylo....

That's right, Pylo's full name is Helicobacter Pylori, it's a bacteria that lodges in the stomach and that can be a nightmare if it's with you for a while. Unfortunately, I was attacked by this bacterium in the middle of December of last year, and my Christmas was very bad, everything I ate was bad for me and sometimes it was hard for me to breathe. The doctors didn't know what I had and it was only at the end when they found this bacteria positive in me.


The Pylo Concept

This bacteria is difficult to kill, and I still have it in me, although the treatment is working fine. However as a 3D artist, I had to capture this stage of my life with some 3D modeling. That's why the concept of Pylo was born, this character a little clueless and silly, which (according to my concept) is so clueless that he doesn't know the harm he does to people, maybe if someone talked to him and explained him the damage he does, he wasn't doing it. Deep down he is good, according to my concept of the Character.


Here then is the video of this little character with whom I am struggling and sharing part of my life, the video is based on the base modeling, then the texturing, and finally the lights and colors to make it perfect. I hope you like it very much.


With this I have reached the end of my post, I hope you have liked this little story, and do not forget to vote this post and give a Reestem so that other people can know my story. Also, if a person wants to help me by donating something to keep buying my medicines, I would appreciate it a lot, since being a lot of them and for a long period makes it a little difficult to buy them all. With nothing more to say, I say goodbye to you and I hope to see you next time! Good bye to everyone and take care!


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