How to Transform a Meme in 3D Model

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How to Transform a Meme in 3D Model

Hello Friends of Dtube and Steemit, This post is dedicated to a meme that I was observing an it was earning fame in pop culture, and I was curious about how it would look like a 3D modeling. Besides that this image that they are using the quality is not very good and is a bit pixelated. That's why I decided to recreate this image in a 3D model. In this video you can see the modeling process and the final result.

for those who have not seen the original meme can see it here:


Is a chick used with the phrase '' had to be said and said '' very popular in Spanish memes. I'm not sure if they're using it in English, but the character was worth recreating.

I hope you like this video, and if you do please remember to give an Upvote to the post and make a Resteem so that other people can see it. And if you want me to recreate another meme in a 3D model, please let me know in the comments. Until here came the end of the Post and I say goodbye here.

Take care! :D


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Thank You Very Much!! :D have a Nice day @c-squared team!

Que pilo, crear memes por 3D.

Muchas gracias!, me alegra que te haya gustado. Un saludo para ti!

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