Dota Underlords - How To Win With Troll + Knight - EP02

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Hello fellow Steem Gamers,

in my last video I showed you a short comeback sequence of my win with a TROLL and KNIGHT combination.

This time, I recorded a whole session in which you can see the process.

I'd suggest especially paying attention to the early game as this sets you up for sufficient gold supply in the mid and endgame.

Towards the end the game gets tougher quickly as the remaining opponents change their strategies by additional units. It is important to be able to react to these kind of changes and adapt your stregy accordingly.

I think after a few more games I will be able to play my first ranked matches, let's see how it goes ;)

Also would love to get some feedback on intro and logo. I think there still needs to be some major changes, as this is only a first draft. Maybe tehre is someone out there who is good with designing/animation and could give me some advice? :)

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Grrreat gameplay. Keep on going and improving!

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