Splinterlands - Life Splinter Quest Hunt Part 1 - EP08

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Hello Splinterlands lovers,

today the plan is to do the Life Splinter Quest to level up our Contest Kings Guild Hall. As you might have noticed by the multiple parts, we were not able to complete it this time.

Currently there are still 4 free spots to choose in the guild, from which you might want to profit yourself in the future, so be quick and save yourself a spot.

Because it can get tiring over time, to just farm the quests for yourself you now have an even greater prupose to do them. Levelling up will share several benefits between all the guild members. You'll get a shop discount and a bonus DEC % per match won.

On top of that our guild has set up multiple voting trails to support our members with heavily staked accounts that'll grow over time.

So, do you want to grow with us and get a chance to get a 2000 SPT delegation?

Just join the @contestkings discord or speak directly to one of our officers/leaders.

See you all in the next part ;)

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Thanks for the mention, we appreciate your contribution to the guild!

That's a great idea and scheme your guild has got. Unfortunately, I had a guild to join from the onset. I wish we all achieve 10% bonuses ASAP :)

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sorry for the late reply.

Yeah I really feel in love with this community. Everybody is really supportive and motivated. Love to be around people with that energy :)

I wish you best of luck aswell :)

Same feeling here, thanks!

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@criticalthinkin, Guilds will be effective space in future without any doubt but going to forward in my opinion it's really difficult to get a place. Enjoy your journey.

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If you want to participate in an active and supportive guild look up Contest Kings :)
We still have 4 free spots available at the moment!

I am really happy to join and actually I've contacted @contestkings team regarding some queries and yet to hear from the team. Just want to know the benefits of joining @contestkings Guild. Actually i am Full Time Steemian and whatever liquid Steem and SBD i have, i use it for my life expenses, so i have to be careful with my investments because for me only Steem is source of Income, for many it sounds crazy decision but i am taking this risk. Waiting for your response.

Thank you.

Hey mate,

I think then this is just the right guild for you. Requirements for joinign you can find here:

But basically, we want to share the cost for the guild hall mostly equally between all the guild members. So to reach Max LVL 10, everyone would have to donate 90k DEC for joining. We pay this DEC in 10k installments on the 1st of each month, with a 3-day grace if you don't make it in time.

The benefits that you get by joining NOW:

-already 3% bonus DEC per match and close to 4% with next level
-if you pay the 10k for the first month you will get a stake of 2000 SPT
-you will be eligible for one vote by @contestkings account (and also all the guild member accounts that follow vote trail) every 24 hours.

The 10k (~10$ per month) sounds much, but I usually make it in the first 15 days of quest hunting and use the rest for orbs and potions. Over time this will be even shorter when we are on 20% bonus DEC per match won.

Also there are plans in the future to give even more rewards to guild members, but we don't know them yet as Splinterlands team will reveal in the future.

I guess if you don't need the DEC for your living expenses at the moment, this will be a good investment for the future. Also guild members are very supportive in general with upvotes and follows, so that's a plus too :P

Thank you so much for sharing all these details and also your opinion. I thought about it and i am sending the request now. Stay blessed.

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@criticalthinkin, I have one more query and that is, In members section in Guild we have something which i am sharing below. What's that?

Thank you.

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Sorry for the late reply @chireerocks

That scroll symbol represents the amount of quests done by each member of the guild. Every scroll will be gathered and if we have a total of 600 scrolls we will get the maximum 20% bonus of DEC per match.

That's why every member needs to farm atleast 5 scrolls/quest per week :)

No problem. Thank you so much for letting me know. Stay blessed.

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