Dota Underlords - Comeback With Synergy - EP01

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lately I fell in love with Dota Underlords. I have previously recorded gameplay sessions, but have not come to edit and share them yet.

While I was just playing another round, I was looking for inspiration for a good synergy lineup:

It seems like many people think a synergy of KNIGHTS, DRAGON, HEARTLESS and HUMAN is currently quite strong.

At first it didn't seem like I could get the so much needed units and went on a big loss streak, only to come back strong and win the game.

Check out the video if you want to know the exact lineup.

Have you tried playing Dota Underlords yet? It is free to play in the steam store and can bring you a lot of fun :) You can even play it from your mobile..

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That looks super cool. I could imagine something like that with Splinterlands characters as well.


yeah I feel the same way. I guess this strategy turn-based gameplay style could work for a lot of existing games with a great lore :)

I guess if you look at this new League of Legends: Tactical Teamfight,
it is quite similiar approach (though I have never tried playing)

I could also imagine a Tower Defense game with Splinterlannds characters.

@criticalthinkin, This game is reflecting as Classical Dragon game but definitely every game holds it's unique beauty of the time.

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