Joining SBC League... Video Tutorial

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Hi Steemians!

Here I am in the SBC League, I saw the posts of these good guys while ago, but I am so clever that I have absolutely didn't understand the input in a first time... I joined them yesterday thanks to my friend @giornalista who reminded me about it, better late than never! 😆

So I joined the server and met so many nice people there with whom we had the opportunity to discuss high-class topics. A great first impression and an happy environment in which to have a chat and laugh, showtime!

At first I just wanted to do the classic post written, but then my extreme wisdom (😄) came to help me my brain telling me: "We have a YouTube channel, let's use it!!!

So we're going to see together in the video down below how to do blitzpredict verification procedure that I did yesterday really fast and add your bet from Betscorum.

After this very interesting introduction let's get down to business, the bets I made for today on Betscorum and which I added later to

Schermata 2019-04-24 alle 19.53.47.png

Screenshot from my Betscorum page

Schermata 2019-04-24 alle 19.37.46.png

Screenshot from my profile

I'm not going forward with statistics and predictions because time to be able to upload the video on youtube with my super extra magic fast connection and the post is already late compared to the matches that are already playing, I followed my instinct on betting, which sucks!

But anyway join the SBC League that's great and enjoy watching the video... I hope!

Useful links:

SBC league official Scorum page:

SBC League official Discord: official website: official Telegram:

Enjoy watching!

Cover picture by @beat-the-bookies


Sketch by @ran.koree

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