Earning Money With Bitcoin Mining And Marketing

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Check out Bitclub here: http://dollarvigilante.com/bitclub

USA residents can access Bitclub using a VPN, download the Opera browser from here: http://www.opera.com/

Follow these instructions to set up a VPN:


Posted this comment on the other article of this same video (double-dipping the rewards pool much?), so I feel the need to post it here as well:

MLMs, for anyone who doesn't already know, are also called pyramid schemes. Stay far, far away from anything like this, where you "buy in" and they offer you huge returns. The term "binary commissions" are a dead giveaway, where people are rewarded for bringing more people in...


The key to making these things work is in getting people to convince others to join. As long as new people are investing, and the influx is more than the commissions being paid, the scheme keeps going. As soon as there is more money going out than coming in, the whole thing closes up, and the last half of the people who joined just lost all their money.

The links that Jeff posted, where he can "sponsor" you, are how he makes money off of people joining (by putting them below him in the pyramid).

Research Links

Totally agree and stand by @kennyskitchen. If you don't mind I'd like to make a video reply to this video and use both your comment and research sources in it [with due credit ofc]. Seeing this from Jeff and the dollarvigilante kind of has me bummed out about the future of his content. They were the first to introduce me to bitcoin, when it was on literally no ones radar except the dev team, tech nerds and the anarchy and anarcho-cap scene online.

Take note Steemian's: this is a great example of a proper counter post. Polite, concise but not without info and even a heavy list of cited sources and research. Steemit comments have turned into a mix of low effort drivel, memes/giphy links and bots that clearly don't care that its totally obvious they are spamming.

I know there is a steemit service where you can nominate comments and will try to get you on some sort of bestof replies list I have somewhere.

Thanks @brains1ck! Feel free to use my content (if you look at any of my actual posts you'll see an image at the bottom stating that "use & re-use by anyone other than governments and their agents is ok" :-)

From my observation, it seems like Jeff's content simply suffers from a mix of not doing enough due dilligence (one of the sponsors/speakers at the second Anarchapulco was a complete scammer, and most folks noticed right away), and always getting into these things early, thus being one of the ones for who it is profitable.

I generally don't comment unless I actually have something to add to the conversation, and I treat my comments like a post :-) I have this issue with clogging up the block-chain with pointless crap haha!


I was about to comment the same thing, after reading their webpage I had some redflags raised in me. Thank you for letting other people know about the risks!

You're welcome, thank you for your comment, and for being aware :-) I hate to see people get taken advantage of, and do everything I can to help stop it.

Yo ,
Thanks for the great content

Love the power of this up vote :) Hard work and consistency pays at the end of the day! Quite motivational:)

In case you're not aware @coinlend, there is quite the debate here on Steemit about whether people should be up-voting their own comments... Especially when those comments don't actually add to the conversation and are obviously just someone draining the rewards pool for themself. No offense, but "Thanks for the great content" is worth maybe a penny, at best. Since I looked at your comments, and they're all spam like this, then upvoting them for $0.50 or more, I'm going to flag them whenever I see them.

A very brief look at the debate:

That is a very good thinking and yes it should be like that , up voting is meant to be for others rather than accumulating it for one own self all the time. We have a trumpetrobot in our steemthat community who is also doing the same , but in a different manner and rewarding only those posts which are not self voted. A pretty cool thing to offer.

That's a pretty cool thing to have :-)

I don't really have a problem with people up-voting their own posts, or even comments honestly, as long as there is actually value in them. I've left many comments that are many paragraphs long, and I feel those have some value that would be nice to have paid out.

My problem with self-upvoting is only with people (or bots in this case) spamming worthless messages, and draining the reward pool to pay themself for them.

Wow, I have been using opera browser but I never knew it has an inbuilt vpn.

I joined BitClub using Jeff's sponsorship. I created a page for Canadians to join with specific step-by-step instructions on how to buy Bitcoin in Canada and join BitClub if anyone is interested.


I also created a post on Steemit to help Canadians join BitClub.



Fantastic! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date @dollarvigilante :]
BTW, you should probably get rid of those commas at the end of your tags!!!
Also, please consider updating your post on steemit so it would pick your youtube thumbnail!

I tried signing up but it keeps saying "NO SPONSOR" despite which country I'm connecting from. Very odd

Bitclub is a scam. THEY GIVE NO ROI on your investment! It will take a long time before you even BEAK EVEN. I did mining personally 3 years ago. I broke even with the cost of my machines within 4 to 5 months. I promise you it will take much longer with BitClub. The only people who make good money are the manufacturers of the servers. I had to buy 25% more machines every four months JUST to keep up with the difficulty level. TRUST ME it isn't easy. Bitclub will charge you electricity , maintenance, and re-buys. That's why he doesn't give you a ROI. I suspect it will take you a years just to break even or more with your initial investment. My mining conclusion was to simply invest and buy bitcoin and DON'T DO MINING unless you have a couple 100 thousand laying around, have access to cheap electricity, AND DO IT YOURSELF. Don't get caught up with this nonsense.

Not true. Just with the mining it'll take less than 9 months to reach ROI, then you have over 600 days left to mine. I have proof, as I've been involved for about 4 months.

Involved for only 4 months and you claim you will reach ROI in 9 months. Your speculating because obviously you haven't reached it yet. Reach it first yourself then show us the physical proof.

its a good option only if you can get people joining with your reference below you, otherwise you are better holding the bitcoins that you would need to invest here yourself.
As for the bitcoins that you invest here you would end up losing the alt coins(2x,BTC gold) coming in after the November fork plus the number of bitcoins per block will get reduced start of 2020 from 12.5 to 6.25, so as per me if you plan to join better be sure you can get your team ready otherwise holding bitcoins is the better option

Holding bitcoins is always the better option especially in this case.

Not true. You'll 3x your bitcoin holding with BitClub vs just holding. Trust me. I've done the math. [email protected] if you want to have more of a discussion.

You'll 3x your bitcoin holding with BitClub vs just holding. Trust me.

Mining itself can't earn that kind of returns, so where's that money coming from?

you are probably better of just holding bitcoin.

Not probably, you are way better off holding your Bitcoins otherwise you are running back into a centralised system which can not be trusted making you now even more volunerable to losing everything.

Great.But what is Sponsor ID?

It's the person you're signing up under.

Mining will become easier and easier while the crypto will become more adaptable. What a perfect mix for mass-adoption and skyrocketing our world =)

i have one question @dollarvigilante my D Tube is not working. Every time its showing error. I don't know why ?

Good up-to-date info! But what about ID sponsor?

He has an ID at the top. Many of us in the comments, including myself, are mining with BitClub as well.

You have mention EOS, You are using Steemit but nothing on Bitshares (BTS), why is taht? Everything is build by the same developer Dan Larimer.

  • Bitshares is like your very own bank on a blockchain.
  • It is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX).
  • Transfers take from 1 - 3 seconds (Buy, Sell, Transfer, what ever)
  • You can buy, sell, store and send BitUSD, BitEUR, BitCNY, BitRUB - Or just crypto like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash...
  • You can send BitGOLD and BitSILVER (smart contracts) similar to crypto.
  • And the scalability on this thing is like 100 000 transfers/s compared to Bitcoin that now after the update (fork) can do a whooping 24 transfers/s or something..

You dont need alot of price action on Bitcoin to have the network clogged - If you want the transfer to go trough the same hour you need to pay larger fees, which actually can be surprisingly expensive. The fees on Bitshares (BTS) is next to null AND you get your funds in 3 seconds

Bittrex delisted BTS (without any official reason) because Bittrex and the Central Banks are very scared of Bitshares and its DEX capability. Now with all the FUD the price has tanked. Might be a good time to get in.

Just saying, make an account on bitshares.org and put some BTS aside now that they are cheap. All the while learning what the worlds fastes DEX looks like.

You should not take my advice, do your own research. Steemit alone has tons of articles about Bitshares.

By the end of the year, Bitshares DEX is adding stealth transfers, adding privacy. (My personal opinion why Bittrex delisted BTS)

Mining bitcoin and other cryptos are the future to true financial freedom. Bitclub, genesis mining, USI-Tech and hashing24 are on top of my list for mining crypto.:)

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Thank you for breaking down Bitclub in your video!! Definitely helped me to gain more knowledge about this company! Keep giving value like you always do!!

Upvoted, re$teemed & following!

Psy man says thank you

Mining and MLM makes both really huge opportunities to earn.