Here Comes Negative Interest Rates and Hyperinflation Worldwide!

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Here Comes Negative Interest Rates and Hyperinflation Worldwide!

Jeff Berwick walk and talk from Mexico City. Trump has become enamored of European style negative interest rates, what could possibly go wrong?

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Thanks Jeff , Ed and TDV Team
Always Great advice, I am up 120% thanks to your reports.
Be Safe, Be well...

Negative interests... yes. Hyperinflation... highly doubtful.

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Indeed doubtful...hyperinflation would mean CPI price increases of at least 50% pe month...
That is according to the official definition

Well, there’s another definition of hyperinflation that you have to learn for CFA that says hyperinflation is cumulative inflation of 100% over 3 years.

Either way, we’ve been printing money like crazy all over the world for about a decade... and inflation rates in the US are 1.6%. Don’t see how a gradual decrease in rates is gonna juice that to hyperinflationary levels.

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Lucy is sweet ;)
US and EU going broke...
Italy is the new Greece...
Thanks for your Insight!
Seat belt is on ;)

I suspect hard times are coming, but I remain unconvinced of hyperinflation. It's a definite possibility, but I think the probability is low. Stagflation and a massive market correction depression are more likely.