DTube's Upload gets upgraded

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While Steem was busy splitting into two different networks, DTube was working hard to get ready for the full launch on May 10th.

Make it easier to understand

We just patched d.tube and you will be able to discover a new upload process, that now correctly guides you and explains to you all the different options that are available to get your videos files online before publishing to the blockchain. Ever been confused by DTube's upload in the past? This update aims to fix this long running complaint from our users.

BTFS and Skynet support

Starting from today, you can start using BTFS or Skynet as a decentralized file storage for your videos. DTube file upload has been using BTFS as the default storage protocol for a couple of weeks without issues. DTube is also now running a 48TB BTFS gateway on btfs.d.tube

Add Videos directly from hashes

One thing that has been lacking since the beggining, was the ability to add your video directly from existing hashes on IPFS. You can now do that by using the 'Peer-to-peer' option in the first step of the new upload page. You will need to manually enter hashes of your source video, and optionally of the sub-quality files (720p, 480p, etc).

This feature is meant as a convenience tool for experienced creators with large libraries that they are willing to self-host and self-encode. By publishing a video on DTube this way, you don't even need to upload your file to us.

File upload stability improved

We know many people got discouraged with using our DTube file upload since we introduced the ability to link from third-party providers, and the fact that we have to regularly delete old videos to make space on our disks.

In order to be able to hold videos for longer, and keep providing a simple upload mechanism, we made some adjustments and decided to limit encoding to videos of maximum 20 minutes. Our file upload infrastructure has been running very smoothly since the changes, we invite you to give it another shot.

Mirrors feature

Since DTube now allows you to add so many video sources (IPFS, BTFS, Skynet, Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, etc), it makes sense to be able to include multiple sources to the same video. After uploading a first video source, just click on the 'Add Video' button again and try to combine different sources.

If you care about decentralization, and making your videos resilient, it's a powerful option. By default, DTube's player will try to load your video using a decentralized protocol, and will use third party providers only as a fallback.

Hive added to APIs

Added api.openhive.network as a STEEM api in the upper-right settings menu. If you use private key login, this allows you to use Hive with DTube for now. If you use keychain, you can set your node to anyx.io to use Hive instead of Steem.

We know a large part of DTubers asked us to integrate Hive straight away. Sadly, we never received any instruction or documentation to even begin to think about it before now. Full compatibility with Hive Keychain will come quickly as long as Hive remains stable and HIVE currency gets actively traded on markets.

Needless to say, and even though our latest twitter poll would indicate that this is what some of our users desire, we will not remove Steem blockchain login.

Token Sale still continues

The token sale for DTube coin still continues. Visit https://token.d.tube to learn everything about upcoming DTube economy and Buy DTCs.

Need support?

For support from the team and the community, comment on this post or use:

The DTube team


Awesome. That are great news. I understand from a business point of view it is risky to leave steem and that You also have the investment there. Hopefully you and the HIVE will get a good deal as well. :) but thank You so much for finding this quick and effective solution for us that are with Dtube but want to migrate! Thank You so much. Awesome work. ❤

Excellent Improvements! Stoked too see you enabling all aspects to support our creators!

Great news. Makes perfect sense.

Well done @heimindanger, thanks a lot for the wise decision of staying in both chains.

Great news about more decentralisation of DTube! I love your work!

Fully understandable that this was very short notice to implement stuff, and absolutely kudos nevertheless for how you deal with it!

This is fantastic update and glad to know that upload is improved. It was a problem and needed a fix. Thanks for making @dtube better and I just love dtubing.

When I point to the Hive API, it still looks like I'm logged into Steem. The icon near my name is Steem's, not Hive's. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to tell if I've done it correctly?

Thank you dtube for your valuable update.
Appreciate your team effort to give smooth plateform..

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I can't login to my d.tube Account again 😩😩😩

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Very cool!

Will you be submitting a proposal for funding of Dtube development on the HIVE blockchain?
I want to support efforts of true decentralization on this blockchain.

The best way to continue to cling to that belief of yours is to not even try. That way you can never be proven wrong.

Have it your way.

Interesting news! I'm looking forward to upload some videos to the platform. Hope you get the funding to host more videosc for longer.