Him and Her - Fur (Guitar cover by Exzorltg)

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Song "Him and Her" original by the band Fur from Brighton.

Recorded with Samsung SC-DX103 camcoder, Jay Turser 335 Guitar, Line 6 Floor POD Plus, Behringer Vtone GMX212 amplifier, Digital Reference Drum Microphone, Presonus Digimax D8 Preamp, Aphex Compellor Level/Drive, Fostex 350 Vintage Analog Recording Mixer and Alva Nanoface Interface.

Him & Her - Fur

[Verse 1]
Would you believe me if all I could tell you was lies?
Somehow I doubt it but maybe I'd be surprised
By you-uh

[Verse 2]
I heard that you were the talk of the town at a point in time
Now you don't have fame on that level of any kind
Poor you-uh

[Verse 3]
I wouldn't mind not knowing you at all
But I know that that's just a lie I told

[Verse 4]
Only now can I see how you hurt and manipulated me
What's the point, that's a lie
I know really that we'll be fine again
Me-e and you-uh

[Verse 5]
Things can just be the same as they were
And there's no other "Him" or a "Her"
Please, please listen to what I have to say
It doesn't go the other way round uh-uh

[Verse 6]
It's not mine, although I thought it was
Maybe I've been hiding something
All I care about is you-uh

And I thought about pretending things are still the same as they were
But I know that one day you'll be okay and I'll have you

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