Terminator Resistance - Back to Pasadena Part 3 | Dtube Exclusive #356

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note : use quality sources to get the best quality for watching my gameplay

hello my fellow dtuber,gamers and all community on steem block chain,back again with me jodipamungkas,in part 3 this is really very difficult, because I don't have bullets, only medkit I have, a mission full of terminators and I have to really play the hiding and running skills, hopefully I can get through obstacles in this mission, still support my gaming channel on dtube and stay consistent, see you soon in the next vdeo and peace out !!!.



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nice, are you all steem? or do you do other platforms aswell?

Yes this exclusive for Steem and Dtube,no other platform,except problem upload,i will use youtube for uploading on dtube,btw thanks for stopping by 😁

Of course !! Do u know of any streaming platforms? I used to stream bzck when dlive was on steem but i cant find any now