Jiggler Syphon Vlog #2 1/20/2020

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In this video I show you how I get water using a jiggler syphon and some of the recent weather I went through down on my homestead. High winds and rain came through my area the other day enough where I needed to duck inside my tornado shelter.

Steem for the first ones that let me know the end screen!

Yours in Liberty toward a brighter future,
Greg Doud @makinstuff

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Epstein did not kill himself lol

Happy new year bud !

I heard from my folks they got nailed too.. Glad it ended in a sunset...

I'm settling back into jungle life after an amazing southern fried holiday...

I need to figure out this jiggle siphon though 🤔

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Hell yeah! Happy new year Broffesor. Yeah man, the jiggle syphon is awesome especially if you need to syphon out of a car.

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It's settled I'm getting into the gas stealing game 😂

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