I'm Opting Out..... Using Alternatives to the Fraudulent Federal Reserve Note

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Understand what a scam the Federal Reserve is and if you've been keeping your head in the sand wake up and start opting out of this system. Here's a great video on the scam that is the Federal Reserve.

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Its even worse than that.

The Infernal Revolting Syndicate is the priest class of the FED.
They go out and gather offerings to be thrown onto the pyre of the god of money.

In this way, with the blood of many, does the FED's printing presses continue.

None of the taxes (offerings) go to fund the govern-cement as most are told.
It is all destroyed (except the cut the Infernal priests take)

Then all new money is created to be "lent" to the govern-cement to continue the cycle anew. And this new money is robbed from everyone with a dollar, a penny at a time.

It's such a scam, I bet the elite laugh at everyone that pays income tax.

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Bi**h better have my crypto! 😎

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