Making the World More Beautiful one Trash Bag at a Time.

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Hey friends, I know how boring @cleanplanet videos can be sometimes so I decided to edit this one a bit to try to make it more interesting to watch. I sped it up to 4x and gave it some music, hopefully that will help. I apologize for the watermark but I am currently testing out a few different video editors before I decide which one to buy.

Anyhow, I noticed this trash this morning when I was running a different route for my cardio, the road was completely littered with soda/beer cans, empty liquor bottles and and fast food containers so I wanted do something about it. And since I was taking my trash to the dump today anyhow, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a @cleanplanet initiative video.

If we all give a little bit of time and energy to help clean up the planet this world would be a much more beautiful place. So be the better person, care about the environment and pick up other peoples trash because it's the only way to keep our planet beautiful.

Together we can change the World

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That is awesome. That video not boring at all. Thanks for doing the clean the planet. Just think if everyone did one. How cool would that be.

That would be so incredible if everyone in the world did a cleanup, even better if it was all on the same day! The world would be so much more beautiful in just one day!!! :0)

Thank you so much to make a fresh cleanplanet video like this!
A few hours ... mine
Now ... yours ...
We must have to continue like this ... @old-guy-photos do very quality too as @cryptoyzzy and @anttn, @sandflea...
Together we will make a difference
See you @moderndayhippie

Greetings @cleanplanet.

Excellent initiative raised in this publication; performing proactive actions in order to maintain a healthier environment, carrying out activities based on efficiency.

We perform smart actions, we will generate better results, consuming less energy in additional processes.

Try this for the next time.

And these people may help you next time. : D
So I mean, if we need a charity recycling company because the state does not do it well, it would be sad.

Great job! And to think, looking at it from a distance that area doesn't look so bad, and you got that much trash! It just shows that we can find areas to clean everywhere.