How To Participate In Promo Mentors Steem Challenge? (30 Steem Prize Pool!!)

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Today's video is about a project which I really admire.

"Promo Mentors" was the first community which I joined on Steemit and to be honest they helped me tremendously in the past so I really want to help them as well!

It's getting more and more quiet on Steemit, and most of the people are leaving Steemit, we are getting smaller and smaller, and I do think that if we work together and don't let the communities die we all can have huge benefits. Don't let the Steem Blockchain die!

It's very sad that only a few people are participating in the events that they are doing (well, in general, most of the event's are ultra quiet. And only a few people are joining...), and with this video, I want to help Promo Mentors to get more visibility and get more people to join their "Steem Challenge".

And the best thing is that you can meet new people and of course there is a 30 Steem price pool!!!

So what do you have to do?

Click on the Link below and follow the instructions!

I will do my video as well and I'll upload it in the next days stay tuned for that one.

May the best man/woman win :D

Thank you,

xoxo, Melissa

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You have convinced me :)
Thank you for sharing this with us and I will check it out
And all the best with the challenge <3

@kaerpediem Yeah :D I hope that lots of people will join. Same for you :)

Yea, the activities on steemit is really low but thanks for doing stuffs like this, to bring back the life in communities.

Great article @mvd

Unity is everything, surely been together to help each other is a welcoming idea!

oh I'm glad that you're participating!!! It's true the blockchain is soooo quiet these days...

@evecab yeah! It's a lot of fun to join some challenges :)
Yes, it is! We need more action!!

Great work on this explanation @mvd! We have resteemed this!

great explanation of the challenge. I was looking for this!!

@snook thank you :) you have to join! It's so much fun! :D

Das ist eine großartige Idee!

@natha93 Danke :) du kannst auch daran teil nehmen :)
Hast du schon mal ne Challenge mitgemacht?

Hello sis, just 30 steem price ? That it insnt so exciting ! haha

best for you dear and beauty

@ignacioarreses this isn't only the price, also get mentioned in their post plus a $2 upvote :)

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Ah well that is more nice :). Thank you for the information dear.

We hope that the comunity will grow and establish really.

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Hy @mvd

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