Excellent publication friend, I hope you are good, I love that image, there is pure peace and love hehehehe.

It is mesmerising 😮❤️

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my good knight, I have been voting for a few days because they seem very good, and I visit that you are voting for my post and I appreciate it, but I will stop doing it since they put a flag to everything I write and the truth I do not feel like fighting because I've lost them, I'm nothing against a whale, so I'd appreciate it if that vote you're giving me was given to @gamezine, which belongs to a friend of mine and it's as if the vote give it to me, I will continue to vote, even if I do not vote, greetings and thanks
PD: you'll see that with this also I put a flag (it's not fair)

im sorry to hear it... it sucks :(