You are all having way too much fun with this Spunkee Monkee!


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Resteemed and supporting, let's further build something big,

thank you @josediccus!!! :) I appreciate your resteem and your support!!! :)

Thank You so much!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS

Yes I was aware of this. I gave some STEEM Monster cards when this was starting out for Treasure. I am behind this 100% but don't have much money to give to help. Things are very tight right now helping with my sister. Thanks for letting me know though.

You have already been so supportive Dan :) Thank you for all those cards that you gave! They will be prizes for our BETA test in February :)

The kids will be so happy to get a card from you - i'll make it very special! I so appreciate your support :)

hope you are well! I haven't seen you around!!!

I was glad to do it and wish I could do more. This is a fantastic initiative and you, my dear, are one of the people that is making STEEM the place to be!

a re-steem is all you need to do HUGS

And that is done (the resteem that is)!

Thank you so much @snook!!!!! I came home from work to find this!!!! oh my gosh - you are amazing :)

with everything you have going on - you took the time to support this project??? :) I'm so honored!!!! sending you so much love!!!

Dreemie <3 <3 <3

YOU are very welcome HUGS


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@spunkeemonkee Is nearly impossible to type right but a wonderful project, I know it will go far and really make a difference in getting the generations of the future in real world activity.

#thealliance #witness

Thank you so so much hugs

hehehehe thank you @c0ff33a!!! :) and i know what you mean about typing right... on my computer - its fine. but on my phone?? aghhhhhh takes forever! LOLOL

thanks for your encouragement my friend!!!

Yes!! Thank you so much for doing this!! Trying to get all the kids I know on it...

It's such a great project!!

Thank you @mariannewest!! <3

and oh... i forgot... YOU have a pen coming to you - you already donated - so make sure you tell me the colors you like in DM :)

and your mailing address!

Let's go!!! Good luck with everything! I'm fully supporting this project <3

Thank you for re-steeming it!! :D

thank you for supporting this for us - my Teddy Bear! hehehehehe

did you see that you had a gift coming to you? :) I don't think the notifications were working on the post!

here it is:

I'm doing a fundraiser with the Steem Pens - but I made pens for the people in that post! :) and you were one of them! so DM me your address :)

I saw it and I will send you my address. Thanks a lot :D



I'd even do it for Dreemy-Baby anyway ;)


hahahahahaha thank you @underground!!!! LOLOL (you have me cracking up over here LOLOL)

I so appreciate your support! <3 ( i'm not on my phone so i can't do those cute emojis like you hahahaha but just imagine that I put them on here DOUBLE... no TRIPLE the amount that you did! hahahahaha)

You, Sassa, myself... bots optional 😎

Right??? Oh my gosh that was so fun! LOLOL we could have been silly in that room all day long lol

Where did that bot go!?!? Hahahaha

Hey @saffisara... Looks like we have a date with @underground! Hehehe

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Seems so 😂😂 hahaha
He's in trouble now 😈😁😁hahaha

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I Love Double Trouble

😈 @saffisara @dreemsteem

Optional bots come and
😉 Cool dear.. Lol

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H-Bot does not know if he is a boy or a girl, kinda dangerous :D


Thank YOU so much <3

Hello lovely lady! :D
This is such a wonderful project. :D I wish this had been around when our children were young, but I'm so glad I got a chance to support this for other people's kids to learn and enjoy, even if it was only a little bit of funding. :D
How's your mom doing? :D I hope she's in great spirits and healing well. :D
God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

Thank You!! and yes it is a GREAT project. :D I love the thought of bringing families together. <3

My pleasure lovely lady! :D Me too, there are so many things to pull families apart out there, its nice to see something bringing them together for a change. :D
God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

yes you did support it!!!! thank you so much!!! :) and I never look at it as a "little bit of funding" because if everyone gave just a little bit - we would be to our goal fast! :) it's something GREAT because it's part of the bigger collective gift! and i love it and will always love it :)

Plus - you didn't even know me - and you supported it! hehehehe that makes it even more humbling to me - very special!

Thank you @frostyamber! :)

That is so true, every little bit adds up, hopefully your goals are met and surpassed before you know it. :D
Its my pleasure, I like to help out when I can. :D
You're most welcome @dreemsteem! :D
God bless you and this project. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

God bless you too!!!! <3 <3 <3

bribery still works every time.
well done, for what it is worth, resteemed.
anything to break the cycle we are in now,

anything to break the cycle we are in now,

so very true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything!!! we need positive! and resteem is perfect!!!!!!!!!

thank you so much for the resteem!!! :)

Spunkee Monkee is a fabulous initiative. Love that you're helping to spread the word. Resteemed! :)

Thank You!!

Thank you Princess!!! :)

Good idea and best of luck.

Thank you!

This is so awesome @dreemsteem! Of course I resteemed, if I can find some extra cash I'll be visiting the kickstarter :) Total fan of unplugging kids- lots of camping in this household :)

Thank you so much!!!!! It's been so fun watching this grow!!! I think I might be more excited than the kids 😂😂😂😂😂

Thank you for your support!!! ♥️😊🤗

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Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @grow-pro
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Thank you @grow-pro!!!!!!!!!!

I just got started 😉
I really want to see this come to life and I’m sure my two little ones wouldn’t mind playing! Thankfully, they haven’t been tainted by the interwebs yet! Hope this initiative gets a boost. @dreamsteem, I’d love to see this come to life ⚡️ and I’ll do what I can to help.
And @snook did NOT make me do it 🤣
Thanks for your valiant efforts here and all over the c‘mmunity 🙏

hahahahaha it was fun hanging out with you and Jack and Jan the other day! LOL

Please PLEASE have your two little ones play with us! If either of them like to draw - we have an AWESOME contest right now for a chance at 50 steem for one of them! hehehe I'll drop the link below! all they need to do is design a monkee coin - whatever they think it should be! The Steemiverse will decide :)

and - i'm glad that they're not tainted yet. Let us be their first SAFE and FUN and WHOLESOME experience getting their toes wet here! hehehehe We just come alongside your family and provide the fun! You're the protection ;)

thanks for your support and your encouragement! and do keep up to date with all the updates I'll be posting! I usually post from @dreemsteem and resteem from @spunkeemonkee because I have more influence (for now hahah) as me! LOL

oh - here is that contest link! see if they want to join! :)

Can you design a Monkee Coin?

P.S. I love that you gave her an upvote that had a monkey image on it! hahahahaha

I’ve got at least one monkey-contestant

challenge accepted 😋 Looks like one spunkee monkee has homework this weekend

My son is working on his concept now and will hopefully have prototypes by morning 😆. I’ll be sure to send them in once the Art Director approves the final designs. Keep up the great work!!

Get the man on board!

Grow-pro jnr is coming to town, monkees watch out because this is the man who taught Gro-pro how to use voice on his tablet/ipad!

No jokes!

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hahahahaha i can't WAIT to see the concept for this!!!! hahahahaha

PS:❣️Spunkee❣️Munkee❣️ is my FAVORITE BEN & JERRY'S!!! ❣️❣️❣️

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Thank You!

You’re too kind! Even thanking the robots 🤖 😋
Bless your BIG heart, Snook! A true and stellar Steemian you are

It looks like a great project. I'll put US$10 towards it for now, but I might invest more later.

Wow!!!! Thank you! $10 will get you a Steem Pen!!

It's normally a $25 donation - but i'm doing a special until tomorrow! :) Send me a screenshot of your confirmation from either campaign (fundition or kickstarter) and I'll make you a Steem pen! (also - tell me your favorite colors!)

thank you so much for your support!!! :) (just make sure you tag me so i can find it! hehehe) ahhhhh i think i already see you on the kickstarter! heheheh so just let me know your favorite colors :)

Spunkee Monkee.jpg

yes hehehehe that was you - i just sent you a message :)

what colors would you like for your Steem Pen? :)

Dark green or blue if you have them. :D

It's going to be a swinging good time .. :D

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Woo-Hoo for already reaching $1000 towards the goal! Once the treasure hunts get running, those kids are going to have so much fun. 😁!