Harvard Museum of Natural History

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Harvard Museum of Natural History was created in 1998. There are over 11,000 specimens in this museum. The world-famous collection of Glass Flowers, and there are 16 galleries of dinosaurs, meteorites, gemstones, hundreds of animals.

  • Around 2000 glass flowers in the gallery and they look like real plants.

  • Meteorites from outer space and thousands of stunning minerals and gem, including zircon crystals are 4.3 billion years old.

  • You can see the 42-foot-long Kronnosaurus, a triceratops skull and many other animals from the time of the dinosaurs.

  • Hundreds of animals. From large mammals, birds, fish, marine life to New England Forests.





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You are so blessed to visit Harvard museum of natural history..
Enjoy enjoy Sis..

Thank you! Yes, I was blessed.

How interesting to note that it was only created 20 years ago. I wonder where their many specimens were stored before that. You are lucky to be able to visit this museum.

Yes, only around 20 years! I guess the specimens were donated by other museums or someone's collections. It seems many people/organizations like to donate stuffs to Harvard.