Blockchain Tech in a Social & Art Platform - Open to Investors and Collaborators

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It's been a while since I posted in Hive - Leo - POB etc.
I had to work on a big Greek project all these months and unfortunately, I had no time for blogging even though I love blogging, creating graphs, and being a member of these fine communities.

I am back to share a vision with you.
I will launch a website that is focused on imagery and graphics.

PART 1 Improving Imagery


What we will do is "improve imagery" for businesses and individuals.
Are you a business owner and take "phone pictures" we will improve these pictures for you with a small fee or a monthly subscription?Are you an individual and need good photoshop skills to improve your stories on socials? We will improve them for you. And ofc on demand we can create PSD and GIFs for all needs.

Part 2 Events

The second part is events.
We will host events with key photographers who are members in nice places. The participants will have the opportunity to combine a coffee or a wine in a nice place with getting shots and finally getting from 3-5 pro pictures for all use.


Part 3 Blockchain Socials

The third part is creating a social gallery for members that are involved backed with blockchain proof so people actually can buy and sell this work with a small fee almost like "social Nft's"


The domain is ready. The idea is written on paper and the business plan is almost complete.
The core countries that it will start up in Greece and the USA. This will also depend on the people that will come on board.

Currently looking for

I am looking for

  1. One collaborator that understands and can lead-work the blockchain tech in a social platform - website.
  2. One Investor that will also have an active role like marketing or supervising tech progress.


You can contact me @mariosfame in LEO Discord i am always online or via e-mail in [email protected]

Let me know what you think overall about this project the pros and cons in general.

U can find me :

NFT Showroom :








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Good idea. I also see this as a good way of creating awareness for your creative performance.
Nice one

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I'd be interested in learning more about this. I am not sure what I could do to help, but I understand setting things up here on Hive at least, let me know what I can do to help you!

Blockchian will the base of everything in the future world whether its social media or any other, i hope.

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Hello there @mariosfame,

I do not have neither the skills you look for or the time to help you out but I wanted to stop by and wish you good luck on this new journey ! It will be tough but very rewarding in every means.

Good luck !


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