Earth Deeds Volume 8: Winner Announcement and Entry Post Highlights

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We had a fairly good turn out this go around, and I am thrilled to see more eco-activists back in action on the blockchain, and in this contest! I am loving these entries, and as usual, it was once again difficult to pick a winner.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and we hope to see your presence again in future #EarthDeeds contests as well. I am extremely proud of @EarthTribe's resurgence, and the recent action taken by the community to help us advance as a tribe in many positive ways.

A special shout out to @TruckLife-Family for volunteering to author @EarthTribe's weekly article highlight curation posts, to @JonYouDyer for helping facilitate part of our delegation assistance, to @TribeSteemup for their continuous support of @EarthTribe and the #EarthDeeds contest, and to all active @EarthTribe members that support and have successfully adapted to the newly implemented group structure.

This Week's #EarthDeeds Entries



Click here to read @MrGreen's #EarthDeeds Entry Article - The Plastic Bottles Upcycling Project




Click here to read @ArtemisLives's #EarthDeeds Entry Article - Losing the Kitchen Sponge - For Good!




Click here to read @AskAnything's #EarthDeeds Entry Article - 4 questions linked to environmental problems




Click here to read @JonyouDyer's #EarthDeeds Entry Article - Just Say No To Monsanto/Bayer




Click here to read @RiverFlows' #EarthDeeds Entry Article - Junk Mail & Huntsman Spiders




Click here to read @PhoenixWren' #EarthDeeds Entry Article - Repurposing Abundance And Waste




Click here to read @Porters' #EarthDeeds Entry Article - Gardening Tips Book for Beginners


@RiverFlows is the winner! You will receive a higher TSU vote on your post, or other recent post, if you entry post pays out before the vote update.



All entries this week have received UP-VOTES from @EarthTribe, @ELAmental, & also RE-STEEMED by @EarthTribe.

I hope our commitment inspires all of you to keep healing and preserving the Earth a top priority.


What is an #EarthDeed?

An Earth Deed is anything you do to reduce your carbon footprint and/or heal the planet in your every day life. This could be as simple as re-using plastic bottles and bags, and as complex as organizing massive eco-conscious projects and clean-ups. There is no Earth Deed that is too small to have an impact, and anything you do to be resourceful, and minimize waste, should be reported on to inspire others, especially if you have a Steemit account. This contest provides even more personal rewards for your eco-conscious actions, in addition to the greatest reward of all, a healthier Earth mother Gaia, our home.


The EarthDeeds Contest

If you have your own stories about how you are helping to heal the Earth that you would like to share on Steemit, please do so, and enter an active Earth Deeds contest for a chance to win STEEM, a 28% @TribeSteemUp vote, AND a 100% up-vote from @EarthTribe!! I will have another #EarthDeeds contest up & running very soon.

Please click any of the following links if you wish to delegate to our cause of spreading wisdom for healing the Earth. If you are an eco-activist on the blockchain, contact ELAmental#2433 on Discord or comment below for a membership opportunity - min. 250 SP delegation required.

To Delegate to @EarthTribe:

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Blessings everyone - let's continue to manifest a better world together.


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Oh gosh!!! Honoured!!! Everyone elses entries were awesome so a bit shocked! Thanks beautiful. Love you @elamental for all you do xxx xxx

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It was a close call, but calling the government to stop sending you wasteful mail - primo - props.

Nice work to everyone who entered this weeks #earthdeeds

Yay @riverflows!! And yay to your sassy huntsman helper hehe...

Wonderful to see so many great posts, contributors and conscious people making tangible, real difference in the world.

Indeed, thank you for your wonderful inclusion, being resourceful is rule #1 for environmentalism.

Congratulations @riverflows - well deserved!!

Congratulations @riverflows & and to all contributors!

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Some wonderful Earth Deeds this round!
Congrats to @riverflows - Way to go to having stopped the junk mail dump! I requested no junk mail in my box so it cuts down the majority of it but I never thought of contacting each political party but now I know and can easily do that.
Crazy that it is mandatory to vote in Australia! Yikes!

Your entry was a close second, definitely respect the gardening book to help fellow conscious growers!

congrats River, yeah so great to see such wonderful entries xx