Earth Tribe's Shining Lights -Eleventh Edition

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Earth Conscious Content

A weekly @EarthTribe curation #11



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"It is @earthtribe's mission to support those on the Steemit platform that produce quality, professional, Earth conscious, humanitarian, platform advancing content, & want to truly benefit humanity by promoting topics of liberty, resisting tyranny & oppression, understanding diversity, and healing this world and our people, moving us and the planet forward in a positive direction. I also want this tribe to become a haven for star seeds, where they can connect, share ideas and inspiration, resolve conflicts, and collaborate on projects of healing and peace."

This article will be spotlighting our Tribe’s amazing content creators. It is our intention to have these articles inspire other Steemians on the blockchain, and shine on to further inspire continued positivity by others.


I attend to BREATH to Get Out And Stay Out Of An Emotional Hole. Response to ecoTrain Question Of The Week: How Do You Get Out And Stay Out Of An Emotional Hole?


This wonderful post by @bewithbreath, reminds us that everything in life begins and ends with our breath. Yet we are not fully utilizing the power of breath, the ability it has to bring us into the present and help us deal with very stressful situations. In this post @bewithbreath tells us about her journey towards this realization, how the breath is are constant companion, yet it can take almost a lifetime before we embrace it like a friend.


War on Healing | What is Mental Illness | Sterlin Lujan | The Psychologic Anarchist


@stateofanarchy has posted the video of his interview with @sterlinluxan on dtube, which is such an informative and in depth conversation about mental health today. This is really a very important topic and this video explores , along with many other things, how so many health professionals are really only too happy and too quick to diagnose people today with a mental health disease.


Freedom Tribe: Happiness Challenge!


This post is @richardcrill's entry into the freedomtribe happiness challenge, where he talks about his life as a digital nomad and the 3 places that make him happy. His home, wherever he parks it with his dogs and partner, the great outdoors and his morning ritual. Have a read and share in the positive vibes and happiness that spreads out from this post.


Lighting - Natural Fertilizer Giving Your Vegetable Plants a Quick Boost of Life


@thelaundrylady shares with us all the progress that her food forest has made, especially since the rains came and was accompanied by some lightening. We learn in this post how lightening is known to be a major factor in naturally fertilizing plants. How, well by making the nitrogen in the air more accessible to the plants, you will need to read her post to find out exactly how that occurs.




I always really enjoy @papa-peppers videos, he always goes into a lot of detail and this one is no exception. In order to grow healthy food, we need to plant our seeds in good soil. But what to do if the soil on your land is made up of mainly clay and rocks. Well after watching this video you will know how to utilize that soil and the resources around you, to end up with nutrient rich soil.


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Beautiful Conscious posts. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Love the summariies😊