Earth Tribe's Shining Lights -Fourteenth Edition

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Earth Conscious Content

A weekly @EarthTribe curation #14



Hello, thank you for taking time out your day to read this article.

"It is @earthtribe's mission to support those on the Steemit platform that produce quality, professional, Earth conscious, humanitarian, platform advancing content, & want to truly benefit humanity by promoting topics of liberty, resisting tyranny & oppression, understanding diversity, and healing this world and our people, moving us and the planet forward in a positive direction. I also want this tribe to become a haven for star seeds, where they can connect, share ideas and inspiration, resolve conflicts, and collaborate on projects of healing and peace."

This article will be spotlighting our Tribe’s amazing content creators. It is our intention to have these articles inspire other Steemians on the blockchain, and shine on to further inspire continued positivity by others.


Wednesday Walk in the Boreal Forest of Saskatchewan...


This post by @porters is such a wonderful celebration of nature. The walk she takes us on, is so lush and full of life, we get to see some of the local wild plants and some of the wildlife as well. She has included a short video of the marsh which is in bloom and so lush. It is such a meditative post, I came away feeling at peace and harmony, reminding me how lucky we are to live in a world that is so rich and so beautifully diverse.


Sigil To Nullify 5G, As Above So Below


It is frightening hearing about how 5G is being rolled out around the world and the devastating effect it will have on all life forms. So what to do about it?. In this post @in2itiveart takes us step by step through the Sigil she created to nullify 5G. She describes what the symbols represent and she also provides a link from a previous post which instructs us how to activate the Sigil. Indeed more of us need to be coming together and focusing our energy in ways that protect the earth.


Blueberry Harvest - Taking a Risk


In this post @thelaundrylady talks about, how she has had to cover her blueberry plants with nets in order to protect them from the birds. I love blueberries so I can imagine how much of a treat they are for the birds. This post has wonderful pictures of their harvest and a link to another post about how to tell when your blueberries are ripe. Again another post celebrating nature and our relationship with her.


Writing about Freedom - A Freewrite


This post is a follow on from @stortebeker, about a post he wrote about working for free. This is something that he has a lot of knowledge and experience in and also something he is passionate about. In this post he talks about the various other Steemians who wish to work in exchange for food and shelter and tries to come up with ways in which to support both those who work this way and the hosts. This is something that I see as being a huge move in the right direction, having freedom to travel and work, to share and learn new skills with minimal money involved.


Winter garden: planting garlic


Tribe members supporting one another, that is what is so good about this post. @quochuy bought some garlic and iris bulbs from @riverflows and he takes us through the steps of planting the garlic. He has created such a nutritious soil in which to plant them, which I a sure they will thrive in. We also gets to see some of the other plants that he is growing within his garden.


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What a wonderful collection of posts you have shined a light on @trucklife-family! I sure appreciate you including my post in here and the lovely job you did of curating it!
Shine On Earth Tribe!

thanks so much @porters, It is so beautiful where you live and that walk was stunning xx