Earth Tribe's Shining Lights - Twenty Second Edition

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"It is @earthtribe's mission to support those on the Steemit platform that produce quality, professional, Earth conscious, humanitarian, platform advancing content, & want to truly benefit humanity by promoting topics of liberty, resisting tyranny & oppression, understanding diversity, and healing this world and our people, moving us and the planet forward in a positive direction. I also want this tribe to become a haven for star seeds, where they can connect, share ideas and inspiration, resolve conflicts, and collaborate on projects of healing and peace."

This article will be spotlighting our Tribe’s amazing content creators. It is our intention to have these articles inspire other Steemians on the blockchain, and shine on to further inspire continued positivity by others.


The Microbiome is the Foundation of Consciousness | Dr. Zach Bush MD | Gut Brain Health


In this amazing interview @stateofanarchy talks with Dr Zach Bush about his research into the world of Micro Organisms, both in the Soil and in our bodies. He discusses how chemical warfare was introduced into the agricultural system in the 70's and changed our food, making them devoid of medicine. Because of this we began to see an increase in Cancer and neurological disease's. Because our bodies were out of balance and our gut health was depleted. This is such an empowering interview that I highly recommend that you all take the time to watch it.




@papa-pepper takes us on a tour of his garden so that we can see some of his harvest. What is very impressive is the food that he has that has grown by itself, voluntarily. We also get to see some of the wild life that is in his garden from turtles to frogs and hummingbirds. We get to see him harvest some beans, peppers and tomatoes as well as the flowers of his toothache plant, which sounds very interesting indeed. This video is such a wonderful celebration of the abundance you get when you work with nature and grow your own.

The Social Birds & the Bees: The socialization of gender, a toy store ethnography


@alchemage has written a wonderful article about the way in which gender is a social construct that is placed upon us humans at a very young age. From the moment we enter this world we are influenced heavily by the ideas our family have about gender. How they speak to us and around us , how they dress us and the toys that are given to us. If we look at the media and marketing there are very clear about what is expected of both males and females with no space left for anyone to fit in, outside these ideals. This is such an important topic, if we truly want to empower people.


Mexican Murals - Skate On Forever


@stortebeker has been sharing posts about street art in Mexico for a while now and this week we get to enjoy the talents of another street artist over there. It is wonderful to see cities embracing this form of art as it allows us to celebrate the art of expression. This one is all about skateboarders with a Godzilla thrown into the picture also. There are links for all his other street art posts at the end of this one.


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