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Today's eBook is from Suzanne Howarth, Webmistress of 'Hits and List Cafe' and it's a Must Read!


It's a Must-Read as without a List you are nothing in this niche of the Net- Biz.
#CTP and #SFI (for higher goals than a hobby) without a List is NONSENSE (to say the least) you won't 'stand that' longer than- say- six months as you WILL Burn Money.
How many of us in the TE Industry make money??? You wont believe; it's by far below 1% like it, dislike, I don't care. In case you cannot believe ask @jongolson he'll agree...
So here we go; as ever, it's a Download Link and no signup nor a Mailing List nor anything else...
Read it, use it, ENJOY!


Thank you for sharing the link to the book. I am a member of Hits and List Cafe. Is the book in the back office on the site?

Nope, @lisamgentile1961 as I'm (yet again) in a server switch I ride it the secured way and have my (partly rebranded) eBook on MediaFire. It is only PARTLY rebranded as there are dead links in the eBook, seems as if Suzanne Howarth is getting a lil lazy lately. As that's a TrafficWave Link in the posting I can easy change the location of the eBook ANYTIME w/o changing any of my posts as I have it in #Twitter and my
Facebook SFI Group and heavens may know where else...
The Donload Link in Hits and Links Cafe hides here:
Download-Ashampoo_Snap_Mittwoch, 16. September 2020_12h45m57s_003_.png
BUT Trouth to be told I have no idea if the Rebrander is in there for Free Members as well...

Download2-Ashampoo_Snap_Mittwoch, 16. September 2020_12h49m48s_004_.png