FOODlog #1140: Beef Stroganoff

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  • Beef Stroganoff -

🇷🇺 An internationally known Russian dish that's so delicious and easy to make!

Here's a beef stroganoff that I made for the staff meal the other day, pairing it with pappardelle pasta and it was so delicious!

Onions are Sautéed with butter until translucent then the mushrooms go in to brown followed by beef slices to sear. Next, add in flour to make a roux then beef stock goes in together with Dijon mustard and sour cream and the dish is done!

🥩🍄 It was packed full of beefy and mushroom flavors, adding so much depth of earthy flavors, making it such a hearty gravy to pair with rice, bread, or pasta.

The richness of the gravy is cut through with the slightly spicy pungency from the mustard and balanced and complimented beautifully with the slight acidity from the sour cream.

What a delicious dish that's so hearty, warming, and comforting 🤤

📝👇 What You'll Need:

Beef 1.6kg
White button mushroom 600g
Onion 350g
Sour cream 320g
Dijon mustard 3 tbsp
Butter 80g
Flour 3 tbsp