Ecency Vision - Notifications plus more

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Push Notifications are live on Ecency website. As we mentioned in our announcement about Vision, we are tentatively releasing more features as they are ready after our internal tests. Today we are bringing you more improvements and major feature notifications.


What's new

  • Get Push notifications on your browser
  • Image proxy improved
  • Post renderer updated
  • Voting slider rounding issue fixed
  • Some visual improvements on FAQ screen
  • Emoji selection fixed
  • Account metadata fallback fixed
  • Post editing metadata and patching fix
  • Tag link leak fix
  • Edit patching bug fix
  • Improvements in commenting
  • Wallet page, curation/author rewards post links
  • Other navigation improvements

Ecency Mobile: we have found couple bugs right before release candidate, related to new sharing functionality and editor tag inserting, we are fixing them and pushing update to Google PlayStore and AppStore in next couple days. Hope to get new app to your hands as soon as possible. Meanwhile enjoy new changes to Website (Vision).

Stay tuned, stay excited! Don't forget to share news with your friends.


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What is the timeframe for the release of the new IOS app? You have the best on the market :)

We are targeting by the end of this week, we should have iOS version out.

No kidding, that was quicker than I expected :)

I agree. ESTEEM/ECENCY is the best dApp on mobile. I’m waiting for Ecency iOS APP release.

Great work @good-karma and team. Always delivering.

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I am very happy, Currently, I use ESTEEM a lot! Waiting for Ecency.

feature idea: explore other peoples feeds.I need it. so easy in browser.

You can see anybody's feed already. shows feed of @good-karma

is it possible on the phone application doe?

Sorry, could you elaborate what you mean?

I cannot modify the url in app. I can only do it in browser

I saw the improvement.
Thanks for the update

Nice one, can't wait to get my hands on the iOS release :P

That is fantastic and waiting for ecency mobile👍

I really like the website, but I am waiting for the full desktop version. 😊

A couple of comments:

First, the button with the Ecency logo and the Global button are actually the same thing. I suggest renaming Global to Feeds, and when you click on it, you will see a feed of followers, not a hot feed. Currently, you must perform non-intuitive actions to see your followers' posts.

Second, I look forward to the opportunity to save drafts and add beneficiaries. 😊

Thank you for the amazing app! 🤗

Thanks Alexander for feedback, we will add drafts and bookmarks and other features soon. You are right, Global is not visible in mobile browsing that's why they point to same, after login, Logo click should indeed open Feed.

We have added logo to Feed redirection. It should be working now.

Very well! 👍 👍 👍

I looked its screenshots,, I could use it.

I noticed improvements
It is a welcome development cum efforts

Also, the hive rewards that come to us in the mobile application should be able to be received. Available in computer application but not in Mobile application ...

Could you elaborate, I am not sure I understand

This desktop Esteem application. In this application, we can request our rewards. But we can't claim the rewards in the Esteem mobile app.


I suggest the schedule for posting and draft be fixed as well. I had issues with them using this app. The schedule doesn't work and once a post is saved on draft, it can't be retrieved

We are checking most Mobile app related bugs before release, that's why it is taking bit longer than expected. Stay tuned!

Thank you