Happy Birthday to the special Ecencian !

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You were born, and the world became a better place.
You were born and made your family members the happiest people.
You were born and have become an excellent example of a human being for those around you.
You were born and brought happiness to many people.
Ecency is born when you are born. We all know the law of attraction, great individuals attract wonderful people around them. Thank you for making this community so great. Happy birthday @good-karma.
The most amazing quality of yours, which is in the hearts of every Ecencian, is that you are never indifferent to anything. We learned from you that anything is possible and we can achieve it with the most beautiful solution.
Congratulations on behalf of the entire Ecency team. You are simply the best. We wish you a long and fulfilling life.


He is one of the most selfless people I (virtually) met here on Hive (counting even from Steemit times), always eager to support and help (individuals, the same as the whole community).

He is a tireless and selfless Hive community developer, builder, and contributor who has never asked for anything in return.

Likewise, he has the ability to think out of the box, observe the broader picture, and see way wider horizons (than most of us), and all of it with a keen sense of righteousness and desire to bring in the progress and development to benefit all.

On top of that, and on the other hand, in those past seven years that I've seen him around, he didn't change a bit. With a thin or thick wallet, from minnow to whale times, he is the same guy - modest, simple, helpful, and equally approachable. (One of the few who didn't fall in that "success" trap.)
Although the progress, development, and growth of the Ecency project, understandably don't allow him to answer personally on every question, request, or some issue report, he is still doing his best to do so whenever he can.

Therefore, whoever wrote this article for you, dear @good-karma, this is so much true!

You were born, and the world became a better place. ...
You were born and brought happiness to many people.

And to this last one, I would even like to add and paraphrase it into...
You were born TO BRING HAPPINESS to many people! - Apparently, this is your karma, my dear @good-karma! 😉😀

However, although a bit late, but wholeheartedly, I wish you a very happy birthday, and God bless you!

If I had the opportunity, I would even make a cake for you. I hope you like chocolate!? I am kinda "famous" for my chocolate pie.
But, who knows?! Maybe I'll have that chance (to serve you my chocolate pie) one day in the future. Life is strange and full of surprises. We never know. 😃

Happy Birthday to us @good-karma

Happy birthday @good-karma! May you live another hundred at least!
Best wishes from Croatia! ❤️

You are the best. Happy Birthday.

happy birthday to @good-karma and may there be many more 🎂🎂

Happy Birthday Good Karma!! I Love You Kiss GIF

Happy birthday to you. @good-karma is doing a lot of amazing stuff on the Blockchain. Bless You 😎

Happy birthday Karma, I wish you many more happy returns 🥰

Happy birthday @goodkarma🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🍻🍻🍻

Without presence of good karma, our civilization couldn't make this long journey. So, Happy birthday to you good-karma.

Happy Birthday to @good-karm You are doing best. Keep it up

A happy birthday 🎉 to you @good-karma, I wish you more beautiful years to come.

Happy Birthday! 🎉🎉🎉

Happy birthday! 😎🎂🎉

Happy birthday to @good-karma 🎂

Happy birthday

Happy birthday@good-karma🌹🌹🌹🎂🎂
You're doing great.

Happy birthday 🎁🎂

Happy Birthday to an amazing ecency lead! Blessings to you and I wish you all the best in the world.

# ### Everyday is the 1st day of the rest of our lives

Happy birthday 🎂🎈

Happy birthday @good-karma 🥳🎉 have a great day!

Happy Birthday.
You are the best

🎉 Wishing you a very
Happy Birthday, GK!
Enjoy your special day!

happiest b'dy @good-karma
Wish you a healthy, wealthy and wise life.

Happy birthday @good-karma. Have a nice year full of Hive!

Happy birthday dear community. 🎂🥳

Happy birthday 🎂 🥳 🎈 @good-karma. Enjoy and keep being as you are. ♥️🤗

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Happy birthday @good-karma.

Happy birthday

Hope you had a great birthday, @good-karma!

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Happy birthday @good-karma.

Happy birthday! You are awesome! Wishing you many more!

Uh.... I hope you get big cake ... and there is Ecency name on it 😅👌👌👌😋😋😋🍹🍹🍹🍹

Happy birthday @good-karma. May you live long and may you always be happy

Happy birthday to us

Sorry dear @good-karma - I am very, very late with my birthday greetings but it is better late than never, as people say. So, I wish your most important dreams to become true!
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