Week 2 Intelligence from Squash Pirates Truth Board

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Week 2 Intelligence?
Truth Board?

HUZZAH, Dreemers! I am back with another Gameplay update (week 2) and a Bounty on one of our own, so please keep reading if you want to know who!

As the week two stories unfold, it becomes clear that nothing is as it seems... both in and out of the garden. I feverishly read every Week 1 Challenge submission I could get my mouse on and noted every piece of advice and clue I came across. I then began implementing some of the most frequent advice, and wouldn't you know it... I was burned this week, too 🤦

So, my experience led me to finally see that many Dreemers are trying to squash their competitors with misdirection! I want to start this post by declaring myself as a trusted source of Season 2 Intelligence and introducing you to my Season 2 alter ego... the Squash Pirate!

Enter the Squash Pirateimage created using NightCafe

He travels neither night nor day but through an obfuscated Dreem world caught in between. A world filled with Herbivore plants that meow and feast on each other, a world where Samurai Mints tear couples apart, and a prankster Blueberry who has an appetite for destroying homes. I brave this realm in search of the truth and, on my honor, will restore order to those of us who have been wronged.

I keep these truths close to the vest, inside a digitally protected "Truth Board," and those who are truly worthy may access it here!

Week 2 Truth Bomb = Do not Merge "Dreemie Magic" and "Rotten Squash"

One common theme I saw in multiple posts was excitement for a character revealed by merging Dreemie Magic with Rotten Squash cards. I attempted this combination not once but twice... to make sure it was not an Internet issue or something with my computer. I even switched the order of the cards in the merge, and both times, I lost a Dreemie Magic card.. and no card in return. Not even another Rotten Squash... so please do not try this combination.

screenshot from Dreemport Dashboard

Week 2 Bribe Bounty = 500 DREEM

If you could access my truth board above, you are truly worthy of helping me and earning this Bounty. To maximize my efforts on this truth-seeking journey, I need to get "Double Curation" going... stat! This means I need an equivalent of 4x Level 3 Gold Octopus cards from Season 1. There is a very special Dreemer among us (SommyLove) who has more than enough Level 3 cards to fulfill this request. Anyone who can work with (convince?) them to get four Level 3 Gold Octopus cards listed (verified by me) on the marketplace will get a bounty of 500 DREEM deposited into their HIVE-Engine wallet.

HUZZAH, thank you for reading this far! I want to leave you with one last parting truth bomb... Keep Sprinkling Dreemie Magic on your plants (not characters) and Merge On. 💣


Hehehe, how could you merge a rotten squash with dreemie magic card, that's unbelievable 🤣.

It seems like you didn't read my post because I tried giving clues which I'm sure some dreemers caught, lol lol.
I hope you get the card you desire, would have given mine if I had extra.

Enjoy your squashes 🤣🤣


I agree; the Squash Pirate can do some pretty unbelievable 🤪 things sometimes... it's the price you pay for unlocking the truth!

Hmmmm, these pirates are not playing at all😂. Some of those sabotage actually looked like real clues. Now you just confirmed that only the Captain can be trusted.

Haha - You can trust the Squash Pirate... he is out there right now merging all kinds of crazy things and diligently reading Week 2 Gameplay posts 💪

I know, right 😂😂😂.

I want to start this post by declaring myself as a trusted source of Season 2

Hehehehe, this trusted Dreemer 😍
Well, reading further.mi think we can trust you a bit with your clues
But then, how did you even merge dreem magic card and a rotten squash? Haha..I am laughing and rolling on my bed 🤣

But it's fine..I see that you are determined to get to the finish line towards this game

I know sommylove...I even have her contact number. I will call her to place her cards in the market place.. properly guide her through the process


It would be fantastic if you could do that! As you pointed out, I am going to leave no stone unturned on this journey 💪 I am hard at work today reformatting and updating the Truth Board... have you checked that out?

Any luck contacting sommylove? I know she commented on this post, but her comments always leave me guessing if she is going to list them or not... haha :)

This is definitely the most unpredictable combination I have ever seen in dreemerge Season 2, I mean it could have worked but dreem specifically mentioned the fact that rotten squash is of no value in dreemerge season 2. I mean if it does, then no one will be scared to having a rotten squash 😅

Pop in from #dreemport

Yup - I should have listened to that advice... I just got caught up reading the multiple top Challenge Posts claiming that combination to be amazing :)

So many derailers these pirates, made clueless me become a new squash owner, I trust no more😅😅


The Squash Pirates Truth Board has plenty of clues and a section on successful merges too... make sure to check it out!

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500 dreem to convince me 🥰
Wishing you The Very Best 🙏

Hahaha... the squash pirate, I loved it!

But you've come so far! Changing the order too? 🙃

Proud to be teammates. 🤗