10th result of commenting all of giveaways that I can participate

in #ecency8 months ago

Today is already the tenth day. 🎉

A list of giveaways is really helpful for low RC like me 🤔. Nice 👍. Also, with help of the ecency feature "Favorites", I can track their post easily 👍. Thank you ecency 🤗

List of giveaways that I joined.

SplinterlandsRising Star

Let's see my results today... 🥁🥁🥁

Nothing today 🤣 but always strong. The chances are too low but I think I can keep up with that while I'm playing Rising Star too and get some starbits. 🤗

Hive to USD today

$0.5392 +5.62%
Keep strong with your belief. There are many rumors around. Find the truth to make your own decision for HIVE.


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