13th result of commenting all of giveaways that I can participate

in #ecency7 months ago

Today is already the thirteenth day. 🎉

List of giveaways that I participate with:

Splinterlands: lipe100dedos,splinter100dedos, luizeba, jorkitt
Rising star: cursephantom, dubble, luizeba, josman831, freed99, rtonline, supriya.gupta, elkingplayer, aweee
Mix: freegifts

The hard fork is already active, and I don't feel it much. What I know is, my RC is stable at 80+%... More giveaways here I come 🤣
I followed jordanm667 (Splinterlands giveaway around 19h ago), sentipl (Splinterlands giveaway 2 days ago), adie44 (Rising Star giveaway 9h ago), belhaven14 (Rising Star giveaway 1 day ago), rentaw03 (Rising star giveaway 2 days ago and it'll be announced some hours again 🤔), maurojd (Rising Star giveaway 11h ago), yeckingo1 (Rising Star giveaway 17h ago), and gondek (HIVE Raffle).

I also found hashkings and other giveaways. But, as I don't know what is that... I should learn how to use it before taking part in those giveaways. 🤗 Thanks to all giveaway hosters 🤗

Hive to USD today

$0.4676 -9.36%
Swim to the bottom... Nooo... But, keep strong as the HIVE community grows every day. 💪


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