14th result of commenting all of giveaways that I can participate

in #ecency7 months ago

Today is already the fourteenth day. 🎉

List of giveaways that I participate with:

Splinterlands: lipe100dedos,splinter100dedos, luizeba, jorkitt, sentipl,
Rising star: cursephantom, dubble, luizeba, josman831, freed99, rtonline, supriya.gupta, elkingplayer, aweee, jordanm667, adie44, belhaven14, rentaw03, maurojd, yeckingo1
Mix: freegifts
Hive: gondek

There are many people who run giveaways and also I saw many passive investment projects too in HIVE whether it's a miner token or they give something to their token holders. It's such a beautiful day to learn many things in HIVE.

Hive to USD today

$0.4676 -9.36%
Swim to the bottom... Nooo... But, keep strong as the HIVE community grows every day. 💪


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There are lot of communities doing giveaway by contest and I know of few but it seems you know a lot of them.

Well, I'm trying to search for it tbh 😅. I was playing Splinterlands and I'm in Rising Star right now... Even I got to know some of them because of checking the other commenters -> Their comments to another giveaway that I don't know 👍.