PoolTogether on Optimism - Lower fees and bigger prizes

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PoolTogether is the crypto-powered savings protocol based on Premium Bonds that helps users to save money. Additionally, the participants have a chance to win prizes every day. Due to high fees, capacity limitations and general issues with the Ethereum Mainnet, PoolTogether expanded on Optimism.

Optimism is a Layer-2 scaling solution that derives its’s name from its underlying technology, the Optimistic Rollup. The Optimism Network brings fast and cheap, while maintaining the primary security of the Ethereum network.

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PoolTogether on Optimism is a mix as good as beer and peanuts, or avocado on toast for the ones with vegan preferences. The partnership makes Pool Together easier to use, faster, cheaper and frictionless on-ramping. The Optimism infrastructure fits the PoolTogether vision for a saving account owned by the users.

Optimism makes using PoolTogether easier than ever before, thanks to its speed, low fees, and frictionless on-ramping. Both projects are open-source, community driven, rewarding and with a vision for a decentralized world. Join the Pool party on Optimism and enjoy all the advantages of layer-2.

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It gets even better, as the Optimistic Poolers will have the chance to earn additional incentives! PoolTogether is part of Optimism’s Phase One and will distribute 450,000 OP tokens over the coming seven months. Will rain with Optimistic Rewards!

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Are you ready for the PoolTogether Optimistic Summer Party? It comes with Optimism rewards, summer fun and new Metaverse friends. The Pool Together deployment on Optimism was beyond any expectation. Over 1,7000 unique participant wallets and over $4,000 in prizes, the smallest transaction fees and ... no losers!

Over 40% of all USDC supplied to Aave is coming from PoolTogether and no loss for the "players". Can this party get better? Yes it can! A total of 450,000 OP tokens are allocated as reward you those saving with PoolTogether. The $OP rewards started on Tuesday 26th of July and are accrued in real-time, claimable in weekly epochs. The token distribution rate for Phase 1 is 25,000 per week, while Phase 2 will be unlocked if the target goal of $20 million and 10,000 unique depositors is reached!

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Watching for Optimistic vibes? If you want to boost your savings and receive extra rewards ... your search is over! Deposit into Pool Together on for guaranteed rewards over the next 7 months. Check the guides below to start your Optimistic journey on PoolTogether :

  1. If you already have USDC on Optimism, read the steps to deposit
  2. If you need to get USDC on Optimism, read how to bridge
  3. If you still have questions, join the PoolTogether Discord

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