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Hello friends today I would like to talk about #ecency and it's features. I would like to talk about the feature that I use in the hive echo system out of all frontend I think ecency app has the best notification that holds true for mobile app as well as for web app. It works nicely with additional features like token transfer for hive engine, HP delegation, bookmarks and usual votes, follows , comments and reblogs.


#Hive Blockchain has announced decks and waves with so many other development and improvements. According to me deck is like a dashboard where user of ecency can manage everything related to hive and ecency.
According to my understanding waves are like threads which support short form of content.

It is a great development and now we cannot post short form of content on over favorite dap ecency.
Swapping is an other features of hive some times we want to convert our hive to HBD fast but in open market it takes time. Ecency solved our this issue. It introduced swapping feature for conversation of hive inti HBD and HBD in hive.

This kind of feature has made the conversation instant.
This feature is very easy to use I want to explain first open your hive wallet scroll down to "HIVE DOLLARS" section then click the small arrow to open the dropdown menu, click on the "Trade token" button to open the SWAP panel. Now you can see Token Exchange portal, switch conversion mode from HIVE to HBD using Up & Down arrows button.

Put the amount of HBD that you want to convert into hive Now, click "Continue" button to complete the transaction by approving it using HIVE Keychain. After clicking you will receive a message of successful swap. This is a way which is very to convert HBD into Hive and it is free of charge.

I always use this swap feature because it is too fast and one can avail the chance of earnings. I think this feature is harm full and advance and so quick.
Most of the time I use swapping and earns money.
Promotion is another great feature of ecency. If you promote your post or content and want to make your post long lasting I will briefly explain it for you.

If you are using your mobile app. You can easily earn ecency points these ecency points soon will have ECEN token equivalent where you can swap back and forth, you can trade against HIVE and other tokens. One of the use cases of ecency Points, is to promote your content for any length you want.
Hive is growing day by day due to its new and interesting features.

I have noticed that the new users post their photographs they share splinter lands games. They share the battle and rewards in the post but they do not get the reward according to the post. I personally feel sorry for them because of there hard work even sometimes I see that they leave the platform. I want to say from this platform that some improvement is needed over here. It is just my opinion and it might be wrong. It is just my feeling.

The content I shared with you guys is based on my education and knowlede. I wish you people will appreciate this post and reblog if you like it. Thanks for sticking till the end.

Special thanks to @melinda010100 and @xuwi

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Thank you for sharing such an insightful post about the features of Ecency! Your detailed explanation of the notification system, Decks, Waves, and the swapping feature provides a great overview of how beneficial Ecency is for managing activities on the Hive blockchain. The step-by-step guide for swapping Hive to HBD is particularly helpful.

I agree with your observation about the potential improvements for users sharing content like Splinterlands battles. It's essential to ensure that contributors are adequately rewarded for their efforts. Your post is a valuable contribution to the community, and I appreciate the information you've shared.

Looking forward to more of your posts and insights into the Hive ecosystem. Keep up the great work! 👏🌟

Thanks for your advice.

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Yup, that's true, but for me in the future I don't want to be careless in buying large amounts of tokens because there my development has been destroyed and I've been disappointed and ended up being lazy about working, sorry if I'm wrong in commenting, this is also purely from my personal experience.