The current world economy under a warlike perspective in which some countries are harmed and others benefited

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Hello friends, this time I want to share with you an important reflection oriented to the fact that while some countries are in crisis, that same crisis is the exact point for the economy of other countries to come out afloat.

We are currently living critical moments where war is the common denominator, most likely Russia will have to decrease its oil and natural gas production, since the economic sanctions imposed on the Kremlin has brought to the forefront a scenario that does not favor Russia to keep production high, but rather to decrease its production.

Europe is trying to make all the necessary adjustments in order not to depend on Russia's energy supplies, however, I think that this will not reduce Europe's demand for hydrocarbons, reason why I believe that the countries that can maintain a high production of hydrocarbons and keep away from the war conflicts at world level, will be able to make the best of this critical moment between the war between Russia and Ukraine.

It is unfortunate that the suffering and decadence of some countries is the opportunity for others, but in a multipolar world dependent on each other's resources, it is normal to see these current outcomes.


It is as you say, there are beneficiaries of this war and those affected, it is not very nice to say, I live in Venezuela, recently other countries benefited from what was happening in my country, today I can see that this is happening to other people and it is not nice, I hope everything can return to a more balanced space.

Hello friend, I am also from Venezuela, and what you say is very true, let's hope that in the future there can be a more balanced world.

Greetings and thanks for reading and commenting on this post.

Europe must wake up in terms of energy, use more renewables. Here in Italy we have only understood this now. Greetings from Italy.

Hello friend, it is certainly time for all of us to understand how important the potential for high renewable energy development is.

Greetings friend and thank you for your valuable comment, here in Venezuela where I am from, there is a very large Italian community, so we share a lot of culture, a hug from Venezuela.