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The new environment of a nation arises due to the notorious changes of a globalized market, which seeks to cover the enrichment of a country by an executive that applies laws that delay the economic advance of the nation, due to this, marketing alternatives arise. who seek an escape from the "normal" for the exceptional; changing an environment of constant materialist adaptation for an innovative potential. It is for this reason that the informal economy arises, since it seeks a personal profitability achieved through cost reduction and constant innovation of products that seek personal success through efforts and skills.

However, this is an immense world that will transform the economy scheme into a point where
Nations will not understand what has been the fault for this type of economy was born, today is observed in the center of the cities as those called "peddlers" (case Venezuela) sell any type of article without formalities required before a government entity . However, because we do not dig a little deeper into this and we enter a world where not only being in the center of the city selling a product is called informal economy, but the fact of making a sale of products by the technological route (without requiring a regulatory payment for the income obtained); as well as generating an enrichment through new "economic models" such as cryptocurrencies.

Because, in countries like Venezuela that do not seek a fiscal control of this type of activity that generates a profitability every day it becomes more tentative, especially to young people, since they do not seek an investment to obtain utility. If a thorough analysis is carried out, we would understand why nations will require every day of technological advancement to recognize the "economic models" that will be implemented as a social and cultural change. That is why, it is affirmed that the informal economy will be a scheme of the future, because we will take care of the precise obtaining of wealth without the need of compliance with a nation.

The futuristic approach of the informal economy, seeks to teach that each person with a universal approach will seek success by their means, without the need for a third party for approval, placing these activities in the first place in the world economy.

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