Mango Inflorescence!

in #ecotrain2 years ago

Today, I had a busy day so I was out all day making preparations for my new offline business and it was almost 11 PM when I reached home.

I was tired and I reached my gate. I was about to open the gate and I saw these beautiful flowers on our Mango tree.

I love Mangoes, I love Mango trees and I love growing them so much that I might have gifted expensive varities of Mangoes to tens of people in the last few years.

I believe each house should have a lot of trees and each house must have at least one Mango tree.


Because they are so beautiful and the Mangoes are yummy!

Mangoes are full of nutrients and one of the healthiest fruits in the world.

This will be the third fruiting season for our Mango tree. The previous owners of our house had planted a seed and they took good care of the tree for like 5 years and then they sold the house to us and I have been taking care of the tree ever since.

Do you like Mangoes? What is your favourite fruit? Share a pic below and get votes from me.


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