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RE: " Should parents set a minimum age or some restrictions for their children to own a smartphone, and if so what would they be?

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Very cool!
I have been reading different peoples' views on this topic, and it is quite interesting to see what all they say.

I also notice my kids becoming cranky with too much screen time. Its easy for them to end up with too much if they have a handy device in their pocket that allows you to watch videos or play games any time they like.

I think the age that children are allowed to have smartphones depends on the child. No, I am not going to buy it for them, so if they want one, they need a way to pay for it. If we NEED a cell phone for them, in case they are out and about, a simple flip phone will do.

My kids are 8, 10, and 14, and none have cell phones, smart or otherwise, simply because they are not needed and they dont really want one enough to work for one.
Which is fine by me... :)


Yeah giving a child phone or anything else for that matter does depend on how he/ she is. I am glad your kids don't need phones for now. I am sure you're parenting them beautifully. Thanks for your great input. :)

We are all doing the best we can in this crazy world... Sounds like you have your parenting figured out too! ♥
Have a lovely day and give those kids a hug for me! :D