Eden Fractal and IGBC

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Interblockchain Communication (IBC) is a hot topic in the crypto-sphere, but what is IGBC ?

First IBC

  • The Inter‐Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC), an open‐source protocol for relaying messages between independent distributed ledgers, was created to connect independent blockchains to one another, i.e by enabling IBC, independently developed blockchains can natively send data (primarily tokens) directly to one another.


I believe fractal governance taps into another form of IBC, which gives the Eden Fractal a distinct advantage over other communities. Inter-Governmental-Blockchain Communication (IGBC). This can be thought of as the ability to connect, engage, and benefit from any blockchain utility, through human action in consensus meetings, that is deemed beneficial to the community in ways that would otherwise be technologically impossible.

The Eden Fractal (EF) through fractal governance system can seek to utilize those blockchains which offer unique advantages to the (EF) through IGBC, with the powerful ability to pivot at light speed to any conditions that may arise whether they be political, economic, or cultural. Here are but a few examples out of an infinite amount of possibilities:


Post Eden Fractal contributions on Hive. Multiple advantages include:

  1. creating a source of revenue for the Eden Fractal
  2. expanding outreach to the vibrant Hive community, peaking Hive community members interest by adding value to their system, in turn value will be reciprocated back to the Eden Fractal in the form of a targeted audience for EF growth and sponsorship through Hives rewards protocol
  3. Over time each Eden Fractal members will grow their following and influence perpetuating a constant growth cycle


List on the BitShares DEX, this also offers multiple advantages:

  1. A layer of regulatory protection by embedding project in existing ecosystems i.e. strength in numbers
  2. A choice between using the Eden token native to EOS blockchain or cloning the Eden token and issuing it through the BitShares smart coin factory.
  3. Utilize the pools in the BitShares DEX offering exposure to over 42 chains

What other benefits exist that are yet to be discovered through IGBC for Eden Fractal?
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