Let's get the most out of reading // part 1

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The activity of greatest importance for the intellectual growth of the human being is reading, since, through this it is possible to connect with the thinking and feeling of ancient cultures that allow a surprising discovery of the most lucid minds of the present, enriching and training human life in the personal and collective, providing a perfect, rational and objective understanding of the reality that welcomes us and ourselves.

The written thought of different authors, guide the reader to pick up and use these skillful ideas to appropriate them, leading to a substance of their own intimately linked to their own life. Although sometimes it is considered that technological advances that increase in recent decades, have come to minimize reading and writing, this is merely subjective, because, reading continues and will continue to be the most accurate means to acquire knowledge Own necessary for an evolution.

Reading seeks to be an art capable of perfecting human understanding, through a rapid and effective improvement, the product of a systematic learning mechanism that encourages reading in its continuous discovery; However, as is possible the maximum use of everything that is read. We all consider ourselves capable of reading or at least "good readers", but we may simply recognize these characteristics in each one of us because we feel in our intellectual growth the ability to grasp through reading. It is possible that this is true, as well as, that we require perceptive skills and a potential for understanding and concentration, helping this to obtain the best possible benefit on what we are visualizing. Because, anyone is in the ability to improve the speed and understanding of the reading that is being made, since this will better capture the meaning of what was read.

The "ideal" as human beings, would be able to read with the speed at which the thoughts arise, which sometimes is impossible because the thought is faster than the same visual perception; nevertheless, it is what is required because this allows us to grasp with greater precision the meaning and central content of the text. The ideal of being human is being able to read 350 words per minute, that is, with the use of visual perception being able to be ahead of the text, faithfully understanding the central idea of ​​a writing and making the most of time in the collection and attention to the knowledge itself of a text. Presenting before us the answer that, the fast reading is the best guarantee of the maximum performance.

However, what really matters is applying the correct reading techniques, optimizing in this way the performance of what is read and applying greater comprehension to assimilate correctly the content.

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