Porcine farming in Venezuela

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porcine farming in venezuela in recent years has undergone major changes and has ceased to be a casuistic or traditional activity to become a lucrative economic activity, therefore it is necessary to ensure productive efficiency, in search of the best benefits for producers, workers and for society in general.
Because, in the feeding of man, animal proteins are necessary and therefore the nutritional contribution that this type of meat provides, since its use is almost total. The production of pork, is considered as lean meat, first choice for human consumption.

However, due to the economic situation in which Venezuela is located, this type of livestock has undergone significant changes in terms of its investment, and it is necessary to implement management and administration in this type of activity. In order to obtain the desired benefits for producers and also know the costs, processes and everything that is incurred during production.

However, these factors can be converted into disadvantages, which prevent that pig farming is not seen as an attractive business, due to this it is required to improve its profitability. Providing tools that guide; An example of this is the description of the elements of the cost structure, its processes and activities in an integral way, and complementing the studies developed in the sector that serve as a guide for producers.


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