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The hundreds of scientists have taken great pains every day with the search for a reaction response of the existence of the world and its component, seeking the answer to all the thoughts that man has in constant evolution, for example if we observe the researches carried out by scientists like Newton, who dedicated his life to understand the world without the help of intuition, aspiration, revelation or any irrational source, but instead getting an answer through experiments that led him to discover the meaning of what it was like to be "Lovers of knowledge"; One of the most notorious investigations presented by Newton is the principle, of action and reaction, where the explanation centered that every object that exerts an action or force in another, will receive a reaction from it. Now, all this in its beginnings was considered from the philosophical point of view, because they focused their search for knowledge through questions asked to understand the world in its splendor, that is, the existence of the philosophers led to the very existence of the science of physics.

Because, in the beginning, philosophers posed questions such as: What is the origin of diversity? What is the relationship between form and matter? Through these simple questions some philosophers sought internal specialization (human behavior) and external specialization (knowledge of the world). Philosophers who specialized in external knowledge points gave rise to physics, since they focused their point of view on a "modern" approach for the time, responding to those phenomena that seem common to the human eye (light, movement, electricity) that is, energy and matter.

When focusing on physics in the existing interrelation between man and the fields of knowledge of it, constant and evolutionary experimentation is examined, since it seeks a broad knowledge of the environment, which is why, at present, it is difficult to differentiate the Theoretical physics of pure mathematics, because it is rooted in the common and logical sense of events.

However, all this has allowed to point out the new modes of action of the world and its environment, helping each generation of students to find exact answers to their strange and even logical ideas, since, if we take as an example the strength and energy that we apply at certain times we will observe that the results are always different. For example, in the strength and energy that is applied to a stone that is thrown into a window, we can find different results, one of them could be that the stone simply bounces leaving the window intact in the other window is completely destroyed.

Let's conclude by explaining the phrase physics ... expand your mind. When this generation has "illogical" ideas, each one can be motivated to verify their idea, since, as a science, science is made up of studies or experiments from meaningless ideas ... or perhaps if Newton had not wanted to prove each of his laws we would not be in presences of discoveries that have allowed the evolution of humanity.

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