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I Rakesh vashisht an entrepreneur in the field of education has been running my Educational institute (AMSC INSTITUTE) since 1999.I always believe that educating the society facilitate the growth of the same as children are the pioneer for the growth and development of any Nation.We are providing quality education at the secondary and senior secondary level in India. During my entire career i came across many students who were considered to be ordinary in education came with extraordinary performance in the same because of structured teaching methodology implemented by us.Being a Teacher also....I realise that the Teacher should be a person who not only be good at knowledge level of the concerned subject but also be capable of connecting with the connection between the Teacher and students act as a channel to deliver the knowledge preciously...connection between the Teacher and students creates a feeling among children that the Sir is so concerned to me as my own Parents which results into the natural respect of students for the Teacher and students tend to follow the Teacher and thereby 50% of the Teacher job gets done rest the quality teaching given by him/her executes the purpose of Teaching.Being the maths and physics teacher ....I always realise that academic performance of students can be enhanced by providing excellent conceptual details which should be analytically based,scrutinising weak areas of students and provide measures to rectify them and finally guide them for the art of presenting the answersheet during examination....I
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