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An-i - Kino-i (Dub)

I picked up on this when casually browsing through my Soundcloud feed. I noted that the Posthuman lads (esteemed acid house dudes) had also stumbled upon it, stamping a comment during the final breakdown that simply stated "fucks sake". Once you get there, you'll understand why.


An-i is the project of Douglas Lee, a hardware jam specialist based in Berlin. It released on Citiwax, an offshoot of Veronica Vasicka's Minimal Wave oddities and rareties imprint. Issued on lurid glowing yellow vinyl with an A3 print of Lee himself, it packed an uncompromising punch. A huge, meaty kick, acidic flourishes and an absolute pisstake of a breakdown that sears you with a branding iron at the precise point you think it is all over. Yeah, it's pretty great.

The dub is the one here, all day long. I spent some serious £ importing this from the US back when it came out (along with some In Aeternam Vale twelves) but every penny was well spent.



I am astonished. It is a pure industrial perfection - dark, wild and freakin acidy ! I need to check more stuff from this guy

He did a follow up on Citiwax, one on there had a similar vibe. I must check in to see what he is up to.

Fantastic. Made me drift away.

It makes me feel something, I’ll say that!

This slays dude, killer find.

Sometimes I find myself laughing when listening to it. It’s just ridiculous at the end. I love it when it just drops down to that one meaty kick.

Wow. Kinda hard to put into words but I haven't heard a track that made my brain feel that way in a while. fucking excellent, what a trip. Reminds me of something I'd hear in a Gessaffelstein set. Thank you for that!