{listen} Efdemin - Move Your Head / #technofriday


Efdemin has seen a lot of coverage at Inverted Audio this year. I covered his 'Naif' mix CD, while chief Tom actually went round his studio and had a photo and interview session. The header photo from this piece is once of the snaps he took.

Even though it is ground well trodden, I feel compelled to return to Efdemin for #technofriday. If you want a deep dive on 'Naif', go check the review linked above. In summary, 'Move Your Head' is one of his own pieces towards the end of the mix. It is a perfect peak moment in the mix, the breathless "move your head, move your head" is infectious, causing you to catch your breath yourself.

It's subtle, completely different from the An-i track from last week, but it scratches a different itch. In the context of the mix, it is euphoric. Check out the official video for the track below.



I enjoyed more your article about An-I, which motivated me to the digging and exploration his art. Maybe I will check few other tunes and find something interesting for myself agan :)

btw. are you also somehow related with fourfourmag.com or only with inverted-audio.com ?

No idea about fourfourmag!

Yeah, it is a different vibe this, less aggressive techno. It really comes alive in the context of the Naif mix. Didn't go into that too much as I've written loads on it already this year!

Hah! Just watched this dude’s against the clock and was way into his approach and the chains he uses (check his super rad tom-only drum machi e through the space echo...sick!)

Also this track rips.

I'm really impressed about how taut his stuff sounds. I remember I pegged Efdemin as "deep side of house" alongside Lawrence and the rest of the Dial crew. His reinvention as straight up techno really suits me.

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