{listen} The Valley & The Mountain - Assembly Required / #wednesdayhouse


Unfortunately, I don't have too much information on The Valley & The Mountain, and this is coming from someone who has sourced a mix and interview from them in the past. What I do know is that they hail from Detroit and have naturally played at the city's iconic Movement festival.

This is another track that I discovered while record shopping. It feels like it should be a modern classic, yet I would say that it is more than likely an undercover gem. The entire EP is full of that "promised future" vibe that Detroit does so well.

'Assembly Required' is by far my favourite cut from the release. Deep through and through, it has a lovely wistful melting melody that proves to be utterly infectious.



Note to self - pick a record which is a colour other than yellow next time.

Bit of a theme developing.

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Very House. Much Deep.

That melody is great though.

I was so sad that for ages I was restricted to listening to the 2 minute clips of it on Soundcloud!

I love it. Very simple with every note in the right place. Also has the right amount of grit.

I really enjoyed this. Took forever for rips to appear online too. I had the vinyl in my cupboard and was unable to play it.

Every track on here is equally deep. It's the sort of sci-fi that would fit perfectly in the Mass Effect world in my mind.